Christian Arnold


All about Christian:

Date of Birth: 03.10.1977

Living in: Switzerland

Windsurfing since: 1990

Discipline: Speed, Slalom

Most important results and achievements:

-Swiss national record nautical mile

-3. Dunkerbeck SpeedChallenge 2022 

-3. GPS-Speedsurfing Weighted Ranking 2022

- several Podiums Prince of Speed

Favourite PATRIK Setup (Board/Sail): Speed 43, Race+ 5.8

Windsurfing moment you won´t forget: Swiss national Record Nautical mile

Favourite move: Race jibe

Favourite Spot: Lake Uri, Plage du Rouet la Palme

Goals for the next 5 years: 50 Knots on 2 Sek. in open Water

Motto in live: Enjoy every session

Best song before a windsurf session: Hells Bells

Other activities beside windsurfing: all kind of sports