Florian Luther


All about Florian:

Date of Birth: 03.03.1978

Living in: Schwedeneck / Germany

Windsurfing since: 1984

Discipline: Freestyle & Wave

Most important results and achievements: Some 5th places in German national freestyle championships

Favourite PATRIK Setup (Board/Sail): QT-Wave 83 & 5-Wave 3,8 / AIR Style & 5-Wave 4,6

Windsurfing moment you won´t forget: Landing my first spin loops in Kailua Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, right in Robby Naish's backyard, back in 1997

Favourite move: Backloop, Shaka, Goiter

Favourite Spot: Gnaraloo (Western Australia), Yzerfontain (South Africa), Hanstholm (Denmark)

Goals for the next 5 years: Travel the world and add as many back loops and push loops as possible to my statistics

Motto in live: If nothing goes right - just surf a left!

Best song before a windsurf session: I'd go with any good old punk rock song

Other activities beside windsurfing: Tennis, running, surfing, and playing with my doggies