Patrik Carbon IQ Foil Set

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Official PATRIK iQ foil set. Fully approved and registered for any national and international iQ Class racing. Produced by the official iQ gear factory (not Starboard). Technically 100% identical to any iQ gear sold by other brands. Warranty process via the official iQ gear factory. Specs and quality guaranteed by the official iQ gear factory.



900 front wing
255 tail wing with -2 degree
115 Plus fuselage
95 Plus fuselage
95cm iQFOiL mast
Foil bag

The iQFOiL foil set has been upgraded with a stiffer UHM Carbon mast and a 900 front wing for extra light-wind performance. It comes with two new Plus fuselages, the 115cm Plus for upwind downwind racing and the 95cm Plus for higher winds and racing formats with more reaching. The Plus fuselages have an adjustable tail wing angle that allows the rider to increase control in high winds or increase power in light winds.

The iQFOiL 95cm Carbon mast is an extra-stiff version of the standard 95cm Carbon mast, built with 44 layers of ultra-high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre: for more performance, more control and a wider wind range.

iQFOiL sets are supplied with seven angle spacers (-2° / -1.5° / -1° / -0.5° / 0° / +0.5° +1°) and with a new 255 tail wing that has -2° built in. 

The recommended tail wing angle on the 115 Plus is -2, so we recommend starting with the 0° spacer. For the 95 Plus the recommended tail angle is -1°, so we recommend starting with the +1° spacer. You can reduce the tail wing angle for more speed and control, or increase for more power.

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Shaping with more than 25 years of technical expertise, Patrik Diethelm is far more than just another name in windsurfing. From his humble beginnings as a shop customer himself to a high-profile F2 brand employee and PWA professional, his move to founding the brand PATRIK together with Karin Jaggi in 2010 was simply a natural progression. Today we create windsurfing boards and sails, rig components, foils and fins and some of the most advanced wings and boards in the industry. In windsurfing we find our roots. Windsurfing is still driving us. Winging, surf foiling and any other windsports are what we came to love more and more over the years.
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