Patrik Mast SDM 80%




Manually selected high-grade carbon fibres for unmatched quality Computer controlled production process for precise stiffness and flex control Unique fitting system to align extension, base and top for longer life span and more performance.

All interchangable SDM bases and tops to create custom curves.

SDM Carbon Extenders available for even more mast options. New SDM 20cm length system that allows you to pick your perfect mast by stiffness not length.



MODEL Length Diameter Carbon Curve IMCS ‌Weight (kg)
SDM C 80% 370‌ ‌SDM 80%‌ Constant‌ ‌17 1,50
  380 SDM 80%‌ Constant 17 ‌1,58
  400 SDM 80%‌ Constant 19 ‌1,64
  420 SDM 80%‌ Constant 21 1,89
  440 SDM 80%‌ Constant 23 1,97
  460 SDM 80%‌ Constant 25 ‌2,12
  480 SDM 80%‌ Constant 29 ‌2,34
  520 SDM 80%‌ Constant 33 ‌2,67


*Production weight tolerances +-5%.

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