Patrik Foil Mast Alu

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ALU 65 High-grade Aluminium 2125 g * * * US / PB / TB & Foilbox
ALU 75 High-grade Aluminium 2300 g * * * US / PB / TB & Foilbox
ALU 85 High-grade Aluminium 2480 g * * US / PB / TB & Foilbox

* all weights +-3% tolerance. Indicated weights show masts with fully mounted US plate adapter. 

Chose the ALU 65 for shallow water prone foiling, beginner lessons in windfoiling and wingfoiling and for kids.
The ALU 75 offers a great balance between stiffness and length. Recommended for surf foiling and winging and for heavier riders.
Use the ALU 85 for added control and pop or for windfoiling. Not recommended for 95kgs+ riders, who should look into our carbon mast range instead.

General advise:
With a short mast the turning, pitch and roll of the foil is easier to control. Stalls will happen more often as you have less length to control your flight but touchdowns will be easier and with less force from smaller heights. Jibing and turning will be easier as you need less centrifugal force (less speed) to stay on the board.
A longer masts allows for more speed. At higher speeds in becomes impossible to follow the water surface and adjust your flight height to each bump you are crossing so you need more mast lenghts to compensate. At the same time the liftet center of gravity makes it more difficult to control the foil. Heavy riders will als start to feel a difference in mast stiffness the longer the mast gets.

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Shaping with more than 25 years of technical expertise, Patrik Diethelm is far more than just another name in windsurfing. From his humble beginnings as a shop customer himself to a high-profile F2 brand employee and PWA professional, his move to founding the brand PATRIK together with Karin Jaggi in 2010 was simply a natural progression. Today we create windsurfing boards and sails, rig components, foils and fins and some of the most advanced wings and boards in the industry. In windsurfing we find our roots. Windsurfing is still driving us. Winging, surf foiling and any other windsports are what we came to love more and more over the years.
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