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Until today Patrik Diethelm is the only shaper, who has supported this unique discipline for many, many years. This substantial period of continued development has allowed PATRIK to create a race winning formula board. Whilst the revolutionary invert-V feature had once changed the way these board work, it has also opened up new doors to experiment with new shapes, which all equated to a noticeable leap forward in performance year by year. We're sure you’ll enjoy riding the PATRIK Formula 200 to the max!”

Designed for fin and foil course racing. A race-winning concept taken to the next level!



Invert-Vee for more lift and earlier planing. Due to this effect it was possible to change many other details of the shape to improve overall performance without losing the existing performance benefits.


The old rocker line did not work with the Invert-V concept, because it was unstable across the axle, so we replaced it with a new rocker line to harmonize with this concept better.


Due to the hydro effect of the Invert-V concept the board feels more free. This enabled us to extend and straighten the tail outline to improve the rail power under the back strap so the rider can keep pushing the upwind angle at lower speeds. This small detail really helps right at the start of a race and immediately after tacking.

Deck-Shape and Mast Recess

With the new board riding higher on the water we inverted the deck shape to lower the mast track position and keep the connection point of the rig at the same level as the previous model. This helps to keep the board controllable and makes the shape a bit stiffer at the same time. The deck shape at the downwind strap is angled and allows for a more comfortable stance.


Bigge rails for more upwind angle and less sticking in the chop. The above combination of changes made for a steady riding position, so we were able to shape the back foot rail a bit more boxy to allow the rider to push harder going upwind. The back foot rail size/width can be tuned with the adjustable wing setup. 

Foilbox / Fin Position

With the invert V hydro effect the board glides more free over the water which allowed us to put the fin box at 9 cm. The additional area behind the fin gives more lift and improves not only the early planing and acceleration, but lets the board glide in a very steady sailing position even in the strongest gusts. The built in foilbox will carry the load peaks of modern foil course racing without any problem and improve the power transfer on the fin too.

Strap Position

As the board rides steadily and controllable due to the more forward position of the fin box we were able to balance the strap position trim further back and move the rotation point further forward so the board can turn further into the wind and improve the upwind angle. All inserts have been moved back another 20mm.


New geometry to balance the whole new concept of invert-V, fin box and strap position. Step cut-out to reduce the quantity of nylon spacers and insert depth for the adjustable cut-out plate to save weight.

Adjustable cut-outs

The new adjustable cut-out plates are designed to switch from left to right and use them for lateral or longitudinal stabilisation.

Adjustable Wings

The key feature for the ISAF “one board rule”. It gives the advantage to trim the board for all kinds of rider styles and sailing conditions. The tail / strap width can be adjusted from 86.5 cm up to 94.5 cm.


  Length Width Volume Tail width (300) Nose Width (2000) Weight Inserts Straps Fin Box Approved Series
formula 200 2290mm 1000mm 200 l  860mm 870mm 8,9kg 7×4 4 DTB Foil Box ISAF


*All weights +-6% due to variations in the hand made process.


Best Sail Size  Sail Range  Rec. Fin Size  Fin Range  Foil-ready
9.0-12.5 8.0-12.5 700 600-700 YES

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About Us

Shaping with more than 25 years of technical expertise, Patrik Diethelm is far more than just another name in windsurfing. From his humble beginnings as a shop customer himself to a high-profile F2 brand employee and PWA professional, his move to founding the brand PATRIK together with Karin Jaggi in 2010 was simply a natural progression. Today we create windsurfing boards and sails, rig components, foils and fins and some of the most advanced wings and boards in the industry. In windsurfing we find our roots. Windsurfing is still driving us. Winging, surf foiling and any other windsports are what we came to love more and more over the years.
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