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An easy-learning maneuverable beginner board for all surf schools and for you and your family and kids too. 
Our unique colour-guided learning method will help you to teach and learn windsurfing in no time. Predefinded foot positions will help the beginner and intermediate to find the correct stance and balance quickly. The board also indicates the right of way rules on the water where the starboard tack got priority.
This board is praised by many surf schools world-wide. The E-Ride is the smart-learning windsurf board you will come to love from day one.

Our beginner board does also work extremly well for Wing-Surfing lessons as it reacts quickly to the lightest steering commands!
The E-Ride feels smaller than traditional school boards. Choose the 205 for an 85kg+ person, elderly people or people with physical or mental disabilities. Kids should always learn on the 165 or switch to the Micro-Ride 115 as early as possible.
The E-Ride 155 is your transitional board between a pure beginner and a more sporty but very foregiving intermediate board. The optional Centerfin will asssist you to point upwind and drift less in light winds. With the straps set all the way back and without the centerfin in the middle of the board the E-Ride 155 will convert into an entry level funboard with excellent passive accelleration and solid topspeed.


  Length Width Volume Weight (+/-6%) Strap Inserts Straps Fin Boxes / Daggerboard
E-RIDE 155 2550 mm 795 mm 155 l TBC 8 x 4 + 6 x 2 4 / 3 Powerbox fin & optional Powerbox center fin
E-RIDE 165 2550 mm 800 mm 165 l TBC 10 x 2 4 / 3 Moulded powerbox fin & daggerboard
E-RIDE 205 2690 mm 890 mm 205 l TBC 10 x 2 4 / 3 Moulded powerbox fin & daggerboard


Pantone 1c EVAPantone 3c EVA

Pantone Yellow 107cPantone Red 187c
Pantone Orange 21c Pantone Green 3278c
Pantone Blue 300c   Pantone Black


The E-Rides offers a variety of strap positions. The front inside positions (3 straps) allow learning how to windsurf with footstraps right from the start. Kids and adults can stay inside the footstraps without planing. This offers new possibilities and allows surfschools to use new teaching methods.The outside back positions (4 straps) convert this beginner board into an easy gentle funboard you can use with big freeride sails for some flatwater planing and cruising. Especially the E-Ride 155 can be trimmed to full funboard mode and will help you mastering the plaing windsurfing with straps and harness as well as your first power jibes. Enjoy the E-Ride. Enjoy the fastest learning success posssible in windsurfing and wingsurfing.


165 / 205:
EPS Fullcore construction with biax glass deck and bottom. ASA polymere coating for better scratch and impact resistance and extended durability.
Full coloured EVA deck with 2nd layer shock absorber on the nose. 

E-Ride 155:
EPS Fullcore construction with biax glass deck and bottom. 3/4 coloured EVA deck.

Surfschools: Store boards upside down to avoid excessive UV exposure which is likely to reduce any EVA's lifespan.


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About Us

Shaping with more than 25 years of technical expertise, Patrik Diethelm is far more than just another name in windsurfing. From his humble beginnings as a shop customer himself to a high-profile F2 brand employee and PWA professional, his move to founding the brand PATRIK together with Karin Jaggi in 2010 was simply a natural progression. Today we create windsurfing boards and sails, rig components, foils and fins and some of the most advanced wings and boards in the industry. In windsurfing we find our roots. Windsurfing is still driving us. Winging, surf foiling and any other windsports are what we came to love more and more over the years.
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