Elia Colombo


All about Elia:

Date of Birth: 14.09.1995

Living in: Lugano, Swiss

Windsurfing since: 2006

Discipline: IQ Foil, Formula Foil, Slalom Foil

Most important results and achievements:

2023: Formula Windsurfing World Champion, 10th place IQ Foil Olympic test event

2022: 3th place Formula windsurfing Worlds

2021: 12th place IQ foil worlds. Multiple time Swiss Champion

2020: 5th place IQ foil Europeans.

2015: Legendary Engadin Marathon winner

Favourite PATRIK Setup (Board/Sail): Foil Comp 100 / Foil+ 9.0

Windsurfing moment you won´t forget: My World Title this year

Favourite move: I also love wave sailing

Favourite Spot: North Sardinia

Goals for the next 5 years: Do my best at the Olympics in Paris 2024

Motto in live: Everything is possible

Best song before a windsurf session: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Other activities beside windsurfing: Mountain biking, Skiing