Sammy Ferraro


All about Sammy:

Date of Birth: 21.11.2005

Living in: Riva Ligure, IM, italy

Windsurfing since: 2008

Discipline: Wave

Most important results and achievements:

-2. Cold Hawaii 2022 under 20
-3. Over all 2022 under 20

Favourite PATRIK Setup (Board/Sail): 5-wave 3.4 and QT- wave 73l

Windsurfing moment you won´t forget: I ended up in the middle of a lot of seals in South Africa

Favourite move: Table-top forward

Favourite Spot: 3rd bunker (near pozo)

Goals for the next 5 years: Top 5 in the pwa-iwt competing in Fiji and being one of the main riders for Patrik

Motto in live: Sail more talk less

Best song before a windsurf session: One step closer - linkin park

Other activities beside windsurfing: Surfing / playing the guitar / climbing