Karin Jaggi

Owner and CEO

All about Karin:

Date of Birth: 2.12.1972

Living in: Australia

Sail No.: SUI-14

29x Windsurfing World Champion

-2015 ISA Speed World Record Holder 46.31 kts
-2015 1st Place Lüderitz Speed Challenge Women
-2013 Ranked 3rd Women’s Slalom
-2012 Ranked 2nd overall Slalom & 3rd PWA Wave
-2010 Ranked 3rd PWA World Tour Wave
-2009 ranked 2nd PWA Slalom, 3rd wave
-World Champion: PWA Slalom 2008 & 2010, 5th PWA World Tour Wave 2008
-13 x PWA Windsurfing World Champion
-10 x IFCA / IWA Windsurfing World Champion
-2 x ISA Speed World Champion