Heidi Ulrich


All about Hedi:

Date of Birth: 09.05.1984

Living in: Uri / Switzerland

Windsurfing since: 2013

Discipline: Speed

Most important results and achievements:

-Worldrecord 500m

-Worldrecord Nautical Mile

-Fastest Windsurfwoman 2s 

-Worldchampion 2023

Favourite PATRIK Setup (Board/Sail): Speed 37 / Race+ 5.2

Windsurfing moment you won´t forget: Luderitz Speedchallenge 2022 / Worldrecord 500m

Favourite move: Full Trotthle

Favourite Spot: Urnersee Switzerland

Goals for the next 5 years: reach 50Knots on my GPS

Motto in live: enjoy every single second!

Best song before a windsurf session: Danger Zone

Other activities beside windsurfing: climbing, mountainbike, hike, crosscountryski, splitboard, snowboard, surf